2013/06/02 Status: Concept


For future space tourist a lot of things will happen during their journey and without years of training it will be hard to keep track.

Design Question: How can future SpaceTourists have a good insight what is hapening during the Rocket Launch and journey to Space.

The SpacePad is a concept for a companion during an orbital space travel experience. It provides information about the actual situation (What is happening during the rocket-launch? What’s my altitude? How is my body reacting to the situation?) and enables a micro-gravity usage.

SpacPad showing countdown and checklist while rocket is prepering for launch

SpacePad shows information during the flight of the rocket like altitude and speed SpacePad shows the position of the space craft in orbit and a check-in for being the next human in Space Spac Pad let's you video-chat with ground control and your friends & family back on Earth.

Hovering SpacePad:

During the stay at a SpaceStation….

The SpacePad can act as a self controlled drone to follow you across the space station


3D printed physical prototype to test the haptics

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