For future space tourist a lot of things will happen during their journey and without years of training it will be hard to keep track.

Design Question: How can future SpaceTourists have a good insight what is hapening during the Rocket Launch and journey to Space.

The SpacePad is a concept for a companion during an orbital space travel experience. It provides information about the actual situation (What is happening during the rocket-launch? What’s my altitude? How is my body reacting to the situation?) and enables a micro-gravity usage.

SpacPad showing countdown and checklist while rocket is prepering for launch

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2013/06/02 Status: Concept

Window to Earth

Current Astronauts say that they spend every free minute observing planet Earth trough the windows at the International Space Station.

Windows at a spacestation will also be a very popular spot for future space tourists. Hours and hours will be spent just watching Earth from Orbit and making pictures & videos. Our research shows that space tourists at one point want to know what they are seeing in case the can’t recognise the parts of Earth without any additional geographical information or in case it is cloudy.

Design Question: How can an astronaut make sense of what he/she sees through the window to Earth and what information could help?

What if one of the windows at a space station has an additional augmented reality view (real-world-window + AR as overlay) to identify specific points on planet Earth:

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2012/11/10 Status: Idea