Orbitalism is a Research Project at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design focusing on #SpaceTourism.



Markus Schmeiduch

I've always been interested in new technology and how people interact with it. This led me to study Multimedia-Design before I joined the Vienna based agency Knallgrau where I worked as a Screen Designer and Project Manager on projects for companies like BMW & Siemens. I also co-organised the first Barcamp events in Austria and interned at an industrial design studio in New York.

In 2011, I co-founded the startup KiezExplorer, which provides local iPhone guides to the most vibrant neighborhoods in Berlin. In 2012, I studied at CIID in Copenhagen, where I started the Orbitalism Research project and in 2013, I co-founded the startup Flying, an iPhone app for all your air travel.

At Orbitalism, I focus on research & development of new design focused user experiences for future space tourists.

markus@orbitalism.com | @smeidu | Portfolio



Franz Viehböck, Former Astronaut. Sojus TM-12 Mission to Mir (1991) Wikipedia Info - Interview. User-testing and co-creation of ideas for a space tourist user experience.

Dr. Werner Balogh, Programme Officer at UN Office for Outer Space Affairs - advise on international space law & current state of the space industry.

Réka Kovács, Co-Founder at Nanosatisfi, LinkedIn - advise on current state of the space industry, micro-gravity experience and space tourism. Co-creation of ideas for a space tourist user experience.

Anders Højmose, Interaction Designer at TraceAgency - project advisor.

Matt Cottam, CEO at Tellart - advise on service design & user centric design for astronauts.

Stefan Eder, Motiondesigner, 3D Designer at Flugfeld53 - 3D Visualization

Christian Lendl, Multimedia-Engineer & Tourism Specialist - dchris.net - Interview about the tourism industry and co-creation of ideas for a space tourist offering.

Sandra Hauplik-Meusburger, Architect, Member of the Space Architecture Technical Committee (SATC) of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Author of the book ARCHITECTURE FOR ASTRONAUTS - Interview about the interface between people, space and objects on board a space station.

Remco Timmermans, Space Exploration Advocate & SpaceUpEU Organizer - Twitter - feedback & support for the project.